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Fire-Point Interactive Inc. is a developer and publisher of entertainment software. Founded in 2016, by its parent company Match-Light based in Beijing, Fire-Point is the result of a successful collaboration between the government of British Columbia and the Ministry of International Trade of Beijing. Fire-Point is forging and refining games aimed for e-sport and mass entertainment. 





Fire-Point provides services to help your teams or your competitive games to access our first Shanghai stadium. As part of the Matchlight family, Fire-Point is in partnership with MatchWorld and Match E-Sport who build, operate and manage our stadium.

MatchWorld  constructs and operates professional  all e-sports venues within the Matchlight family. Shanghai is the first city with an e-sport stadium to open its door early 2019. Beijing, Wuhan. Hainan and Tianjin are the following cities which will have State Of The Art stadium for thousands of players to compete in their preferred games and Leagues.

Match E-Sport (Shanghai Yaojulai E-sports Hall) is China's first professional e-sports venue. The total construction area is nearly 6,000 square meters, and the main venue has a planned area of ​​3,500 square meters. It uses 150 square meters of ultra-high-definition broadcast screen and is equipped with top-level e-sport equipment. It can accommodate up to 1000 spectators. The venue includes a live broadcast hall, an exhibition service area, a training center, a player rest area, a catering service area, an office area and VIP facilities.


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Unity Developer


Fire-Point Interactive is seeking a full time in-house Unity developer who has more than 5 year’s experience and is eager to learn and grow with our team of high-impact developers. This person will be helping us build high performance Unity-based applications using existing standards, conventions, and an existing product architecture.



  • Write, modify, integrate and test software code, delivering high quality, engaging experiences within budgeted timeframes

  • Collect and document requirements and develop specifications

  • Research, evaluate and synthesize technical information to design, develop and test game features, infrastructure and tools  

  • Work closely with the other software engineers, designers, artists and QA to develop features for all aspects of the experience including UI, animation, audio, physics and rendering

  • May lead and coordinate teams in the development of software and integrated systems




  • 5+ years of game development experience 

  • Proficiency in C#, other languages could be applicable depending on experience

  • Experience programming in the following areas: Networking, AI, Physics, Animation, UI

  • Excellent ability to write efficient, clear, and maintainable code

  • Highly motivated self-starter and team player

  • Clear understanding of common data structures, and their manipulation

  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, related degree, or relevant professional experience

  • (Bonus) Previous VR experience on any platform.



  • Unity3D Engine: 5+ years  

  • C# Programming: 5+ years 

  • Has shipped at least 2 game titles


Job Type: Full-time

Technical Artist


Fire-Point Interactive is seeking a full time Technical Artist with a minimum of 1 year experience building great effective tools.

While working on our latest game, the Technical Artist will act as a bridge between the Artists and Programmers. The main focus will be to ensure all art assets can be easily integrated into the game without sacrificing the overall artistic vision or exceeding the technical limits of the chosen platform.




  • Build, maintain and troubleshoot pipeline for in game assets. 

  • Write exporting tools for art assets and animations

  • Build complex shaders in Unity and/or Maya

  • Investigate and research new techniques, implement them and train the team

  • Create, maintain, and communicate technical art guidelines and implementation techniques

  • Create and maintain tools for the production pipeline for modeling, animation, rigging in Maya and Unity.

  • Work closely with the other artists, designers, software engineers, and QA to meet project needs




  • Be able to show technical proficiency in areas such as lighting and rendering, texturing, and graphics-related programming languages such as shaders and vfx

  • Experience working with game engineers and artists. 

  • Have an excellent understanding of the 3D pipeline, especially modelling and animation. 

  • Excellent rigging knowledge in Maya and integration into Unity

  • Be able to anticipate the needs of the artists so as to streamline their productivity

  • Degree or diploma in Art or related field. 

  • Be able to work with minimum supervision

  • Highly motivated self-starter and team player

  • (Bonus) Previous VR experience on any platform.



  • Unity Engine: 1+ years (Preferred) 

  • Maya: 1+ years (Preferred) 

  • Game Development: 1 year


Job Type: Full-time



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